Saturday, April 3, 2010

out of it!

Those rough rain storms last week caused a power outage at the house and the internet has not been the same since. I'm updating from the library.
Since last week, I finished both the bee and the peas in a pod. The bee went from this:

To this:

And then finally this:

I love how the bee turned out, with the lil' stinger and all, but I LOVE the peas in a pod...

Mostly, because it doubles as a hat for Benjamin Franklin.

I think I'll end up making more of these peas in a pod. We've already become attached to it, as Ben's hat, and I wrote out my own version of a pattern so I'll be able to replicate it identically.

I also got 2 new crochet hooks.. BIG ones!

The BIG one is a Q, and I believe it's also referred to as a speed hook. I plan on making some quick blankets with the big guy. The little one is a N or a P, I forget, but I bought some wool yarn to crochet Pete some socks and the pattern recommended that size, so I got it.
This is now (most of) my crochet hook collection:

Pete made me promise not to go back to Michael's for awhile. I spent nearly $100 on yarns, hooks, and various other crafting stuffs. I have so many projects in my head! And so much was on sale because the different colors are getting discontinued. The chunky Lion's Brand Wool-Ease in taupe was only $3.49, which is almost 50% off. And I'm just a sucker for the Impeccable Yarns and Red Heart Eco-Way Recycled Yarns too.

I also picked up these hooks for when Pete and I get a new apartment... One we plan on sticking around in for awhile. The hunt still ensues! In the meantime, I'll probably end up spray painting them gold or red. Or maybe I'll figure out a cute design to paint on them, or wrap them in yarn. Who knows? I am not sure yet, but once I figure out what I'm doing with them, I'm sure I'll post a photograph of the final project.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, etc. I have a ton of photos I want to share, once I get them onto my computer. There is not enough time in the day for me...

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