Monday, March 29, 2010

rainy day

I slept in, way later than I expected to, but I didn't miss much in this weather. I planned on doing some thrifting this morning, but there really was no chance of me walking down to the goodwill a mile away in the rain.
Instead, I crocheted and played with the dogs. They didn't want to go out in the rain either, so we stared out into the yard, debating what to do.

I did manage to get them outside long enough to do their business, but not long enough to go for a legitimate walk. I can't blame them, really. It is dreary out! I didn't even curl my hair. It really did seem pointless.

I got a bunch done though! Reading, writing, crocheting. Here's the beginning of my new little friend.

I need to go out and buy some more stuff to fill him up tomorrow. It is supposed to rain again, but I need to venture out and get things done.. Hopefully I'll finish him up and can post a picture whenever that happens. I also have some other projects going on, that I'd love to share.
Oh! I did go out for a minute today. I wanted a snack and I found this!

I don't generally drink soda, but the Pepsi Throwback is made with real sugar so I had to treat myself to it. I love soda like this.

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DIANA DYE said...

Wow! I didn’t know Pepsi had this drink hahaha!
Well despite the rain it sounds like a fun relaxing day to me!♥
I need more days like these, I usually do make a trip and get snacks and watch loads of movies…Its raining as am typing but for some reason I seem to enjoy it a bit .
Have a brilliant day!♥