Monday, April 12, 2010

highlights from easter weekend!

I forgot my camera most of the weekend, but here are some of my favorites, from the ones I did take..
Here we are in Weehawken, NJ. This is about 1 block from where my parents live.

My super (un)patriotic boyfriend...

He kept saying "USA! NUMBER 1!!!"

Backyard beverages, with the dogs.

His favorite son, Benjamin Franklin.

Strawberry jalepeño mojitos!

Peter and I are heading to Ecuador this August and are so excited! We went to Union City to check out this Ecuadorian grocery store and picked up some snacks.

And here I am whining that he drank all of my juice box. I'm such a brat.

I think he's so handsome.... <3

Our favorite Indian restaurant in all of the world!
(We haven't been to India yet, so this is just so far.)
It's called Sapthagiri and all vegetarian. The house special is Chole Bhatura. It's amazing! I recommend it to anyone that goes there.

Our appetizer spread:

Pete illustrating how his chole bhatura is larger than his head.

We also did some family stuff, but mostly sleeping, walking, eating, and movies. I want that weekend right now, so badly!

I do have a sweet little trip with him planned soon... just a quick, close by getaway. I'll update about it after it happens, so I don't ruin the surprise!

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