Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Puerto Rico!

Here are a few photos from Kendra and my trip to Puerto Rico. It was a quick 5 day vacation for us, as we both had to get back to the grind. It sucks that it took me an entire month after we got home to post these...

Kendra at one of the waterfalls in El Yunque. I thought it was kind of magical how the light reflected off the lens and sort of created a bubble of light around her.

We also ventured to Cueva Ventana, which is a sick cave that took us awhile to muster up the balls to go into. It wasn't a guided tour and we had to go back and buy flashlights before we went in, but the view was spectacular. Totally worth it.

Here I am enjoying the wonderful bath water of the ocean in Carolina, right by our hotel.

Our own little cabana.

I love mojitos and the perfect weather we experienced.

In addition to the beach, El Yunque National Park, a few caves and caverns, and massive amounts of drinking, we also ziplined through the jungle. It was AMAZING. None of those photos really turned out well, but I was in love. I'm also scared of heights, so it was huge for me to do that. I am glad I did.

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