Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm so sorry!

I know that I've been the worst at updating this blog. I went to Puerto Rico, worked the next day for a few days straight, then had to move. We've been settling in the new apartment, slowly but surely. I've also been working 6 days a week, now that the high season in Gloucester is on the verge of starting. I'm sure I'll be back to posting more when I have a little more time for myself.

But! Here's a link to a quick video of Peter getting tattooed this past weekend. He flew out to San Jose, CA for 2 days so that Adrian Lee from Analog Tattoo could outline and shade his entire right sleeve. He's got some really beautiful work and Peter was so excited Adrian could fit him into his schedule. Peter has wanted to get tattooed by him for years! And it is the perfect design for Peter... Exactly what he wanted without having to ask for it specifically.

It's a time lapse video too. Pretty rad! Just day 1 though. I hope to see a day 2 at some point... I didn't get to go so I like to watch the video. It almost feels like I was there. I am glad to have my man home now though. I missed him terribly. Also, I am damn jealous he got to get tattooed AND go to California!

More soon... Love.

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