Tuesday, June 29, 2010

carnival type things.

Not only was the Loui beach'n'bake 2 weekends ago, the St Peter's Fiesta (and carnival) was this weekend that just passed. Both were fun, but I didn't take a lot of photos. Here are some of the highlights of both though!

At the Loui's in New Hampshire. Peter with some friends.

The Loui clan, making cotton candy.

This is us at St Peter's Fiesta... Peter bought some fried dough and was sprinkling powdered sugar out onto it. It was coming out quite slowly and very little at a time, so he thought he would just lightly powder me as well. However, a whole bunch of the sugar came out on me, so I grabbed the sugar back and hit him in the face with some sugar as well! I thought we looked adorable, and the girls selling us the dough thought we were funny. They took this photo of us. I love it!

Another New Hampshire photo...

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