Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Menu: Pizza!

Pizza isn't something I get to enjoy all that often, as I'm severely lactose intolerant. My tummy does NOT like most cheeses. Daiya and Vegan Gourmet cheeses, however, are a go! So I decided to make some pizza of my own. I didn't make the dough myself, but I picked it up from the Stop'N'Shop I frequent. It's the closest grocery store to us, and the dough was pretty good!

I rolled out about half the dough, put some extra virgin olive oil in the casserole dish, and laid everything out. I first layered fresh baby spinach with some finely chopped garlic and olive oil. Then a little bit of red sauce, baby portobello mushroom slices, buffalo'ed Gardein chik'n tenders, fresh tomato, and then the "cheeses."

I first cooked it for about 15 minutes, and it looked done, but it wasn't. I didn't cook it long enough, but I quickly popped it back in the oven for a few more minutes and it was fine. AND DELICIOUS!

Notes: I can't decide if I love the Vegan Gourmet or Daiya cheese better. Both are good and come in a variety of flavors. I'd say Daiya definitely melts better, but both are tasty.
As for the Gardein products, I much prefer their frozen items. I haven't been too happy with the refrigerator stuff, but the frozen chicken/beef is AMAZING!! It holds up really well in stews too.

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DIANA DYE said...

Hello HUn,

I understand I cant enjoy anything with dairy it makes me sick and I feel mental after......And am a Vegan so i guess living in LA for know does help! back in the UK its really hard to find Vegan or Vegan Friendly food places and if you do they will make a Micky out of you!!

Yay! am glad you had fun with your Pizza! ♥